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Taking on the Tough Mudder challenge was a bucket list item for me before turning 40. I'm proud to say I completed the challenge in February 2013 in Mesa, AZ which consisted of approx. 12 miles and 21 military obstacles. Even though I had been physically preparing for 7 months prior, nothing could've prepared me for the extreme high winds and cold temps which occured that day. Nonetheless, I did what mudders do...I put the excuses aside and pushed through till the bitter end.

Once I crossed through the finish line, I started bawling my eyes out. Partly because I was so sore, in pain, cold, and wet but the other part because of what I had just accomplished and all in the honor of my beloved Grampa who was wounded in WWII. Tough Mudder is a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project.



Below is the training schedule I did for 7 months prior to the event. I gathered resources from Tough Mudder and incorporated HIIT workouts. These exercises are adaptable to any living room or gym space and even if you're traveling. I suggest downloading the Seconds Pro App to your smart phone or iPad. I have created interval timers which you can download below.

I believe that fueling your body with solid nutrition, supplementation, and routine exercise will help you achieve anything you set your heart and your mind to.


Monday : : Wednesday : : Friday

Follow the Tough Mudder Boot Camp. Total time is 50 minutes (includes warmup and cool down). First familiarize yourself with the different exercises so that you don't have to stop during the training.

What You Will Need:

+ Your A-game
+ Water or Performance
+ Towel
20# Kettlebell (or hold a 10# dumbbell in each hand)
+ Jumprope
+ 10# Dumbbells
+ Bosu or Step
+ Gloves
Pull-up Bar
+ 2 sheets folded paper
+ iPad or iPhone with interval timer

After you've downloaded the Seconds Pro App to your smart phone or iPad, you will need to install this Tough Mudder Interval Timer I created to help you get through the circuits. (If this doesn't install directly on your device from this website, you will need to download the timer from this website onto your computer and email it to your device.)

I suggest you have three different workout playlists so that each workout is different and exciting.

Be sure to take Physique within 15 minutes of your completed workout. This will help repair and rebuild your muscles.


Tuesday : : Thursday

On these days, you will do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. HIIT is a great alternative to burning fat and improves your speed and agility. What this looks like on the treadmill is 20 seconds at 10-12 mph followed by a minute at a slow jog of 3 - 4 mph. By the end of the sprint interval you should be dying. Usually 10 - 12 cycles is enough (about 15 - 20 minutes). If you aren't exhausted after 12 cycles you weren't sprinting hard enough. You can follow the treadmill workout below.

Warm-up: 2 min walk

Warm-up: 5 min jog

Interval 1: 1 min sprint

Interval 2: 1 min walk

Interval 3: 1 min jog

(Repeat Intervals 1-3 3x for a total of 12 intervals)

Interval 13: 5 min jog

Interval 14: 2 min walk

Total time: 26 min

*After 4 weeks, repeat Intervals 1-3 5x for a total of 18.

**HIIT cannot be incorporated on top of weight training workouts like regular, steady-state cardio. Your performance will suffer drastically if your energy levels aren't at 100% while performing HIIT. Either do HIIT on "off" days or at least a few hours after your weight training work out.

Be sure to take Physique within 15 minutes of your completed workout. This will help repair and rebuild your muscles.



Do something recreational and low impact cardio like hiking, walking/jogging, kayaking, biking, swimming, or anything that will allow you to get full range of motion and have fun doing it!



Relax and recuperate!



















































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