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Growing up, I was always healthy and fit. Mom rarely let us have sugar, processed foods, or trans fats. I was a competitive swimmer, dancer, gymnast, softball player, and cheerleader. I guess you could say I was pretty active!

Throughout college I maintained a healthy weight and never gained the "freshman 15" like most people do. I was even a size 6-8 on my wedding day. Then, things changed. My lifestyle changed.

I was now working in corporate America sitting all-day and drinking countless Cokes to keep me alert. The sedentary lifestyle and high amounts of sugar started to take hold. Next thing I knew, I was 40 pounds overweight. I tried Weight Watchers but it didn't stick with me. I quickly fell off the weight-loss wagon.

After leaving my corporate job to pursue a career in freelance graphic design, I sat even longer hours turning around as many jobs as I could to bring in the necessary income needed. I never ate at the right times and, when I did, the food was very unhealthy. I still consumed Coke products which didn't help either. My portion control was out-of-control! My weight kept escalating.

Fast-forward 4 years and 2 kids later, I was a size 18-20 and miserable. I was well over 200 pounds—even after losing the baby weight. One night, I woke up laying on my side and my right leg was numb. I was terrified and woke my husband up because I couldn't move my right leg. We realized that it was because my left leg was cutting off the blood circulation to my right leg due to its weight.

This is when I reached my "I've Had It!" moment.

This is the moment when you say, "Enough is enough!" It's when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. That day had arrived for me. The next morning I went to Sears and bought Billy Blanks' Elite Boot Camp. I vowed to do his exercise regimen exactly how he had it laid out...NO EXCUSES!

We lived in a tiny duplex at the time so I was limited to the amount of space I had. Every day, I would rearrange the living room furniture and tell the kids to "stay out of the circle" while mommy worked out. They sat on the couch every day and watched me sweat, cry, and burn my buns off.

After completing the Elite Boot Camp, I repeated it again for 4 more weeks. After that month was over, I purchased Billy Blanks' Amped program and did those workouts for 8 weeks. I then purchased every workout DVD on the market with Billy Blanks' name on it and created my own workout schedule. (Side note: I also cut out red meat, refined sugar, alcohol, and carbonated beverages.)

My mottovation was "I Cannot Be Defeated and I Will Not Quit!"

A year later, I had lost a total of 80 pounds all on my own (with the help of Billy, of course!). I was 125 pounds and a size 4. I felt great! I had submitted my story to Shape Magazine and they responded by flying me out to California to workout with Billy Blanks! It was an experience of a lifetime that I will truly never forget.

After returning from California, I wrote into Fitness Magazine to proclaim my I Did It! story. They chose to publish my story in their February 2009 issue. Shortly after its release, a resident where we live spotted the article and called our local newspaper. I was then contacted by the Advance Newspaper to do an interview for a success story. I also appeared on Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover show on Fox Business Network because I had related weight loss to debt loss. He was intrigued and wanted me to share my testimony on air to his viewers.

One of his viewers "googled" me and was able to get in touch with me. She was so inspired by my weight loss story that she started on a weight-loss journey herself.

My newfound passion catapulted me into a thirst for nutrition, supplementation, and fitness. My heart is to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and fitness.

The pictures on this page are of me in my then-favorite, size 20 pants! I keep these pants as a reminder of where I came from and where to never return!

My passion for nutrition + fitness caused me to dig deeper into the science behind many products. There are many people who come to me for nutritional guidance and I had to find a company that I would support and promote.

A personal friend and multiple triathlon champion approached me about Shaklee. I was willing to listen because I valued her opinion. After she showed me the Shaklee Difference, I was convinced their products would work for me, my family, and my clients. So, I partnered with the #1 Natural Nutrition Company, Shaklee, to help improve the health of many lives and have witnessed many amazing testimonies and transformations as a result.

Amy Langeler, Nutrition + Fitness Coach



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