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I have run in several marathons and I am currently training for my first Ultramarathon, a 50 mile race.  Normally I would have water and several G.U. packs on a marathon.  I decided to try the Shaklee Energy Chews.  I was truly amazed.  I was able to shave 10 minutes off of my marathon training runs and only needed 3 Energy Chews thru my long run.  I actually had to ask my Shaklee representative if there was anything in the Energy chews that would cause me not to be able to pass a sports blood test.  I was told that Shaklee products are completely natural and that a lot of Olympic athletes use Shaklee products.  I have also incorporated the Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink into my long training runs, instead of just plain water.  Since using the Sports drink I have not had any cramping and have remained hydrated thru out my  runs.  I would not even think about going on a long run without these 2 products.  Shaklee has made a believer out me.  Thanks Shaklee.

R. Anderson

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I am not your average Marathon runner. I'm 6' tall and weigh 235 lbs. By most standards, I'm a big guy and not the type you expect to see running 26.2 miles. That being said, I'm more more muscle than fat and one of my greatest challenges is running long distances without depleting all my fuel. The result is, in the later stage of the race, no matter how much water, gel packs, or carbs I consumed, I always end up with leg and/or abdominal cramps in the last 5-10 miles.

In the last 3 years I've run 3 marathons and each time I was frustrated with having to battle fatigue and muscle failure to cross the finish line. Last year, I started to train for my forth marathon in October 2010. In that time, I came across Shaklee's Performance Maximum Endurance Sports Drink. I added the powder to my hydration plan and immediately experienced more consistent energy during my 15+ mile runs and my leg and body cramps went away!

I'm confident that this marathon in March 2011 will be my personal best and cannot wait to share my experience.

Steve A

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I love Shaklee for its Sports Nutrition line. I love to run and wouldn't have accomplished as much as I have without my Shaklee products. I have a whole routine down for each of my races. I start out by drinking Performance on a race day to make sure I have enough electrolytes in my body. Along with other Shaklee products I also take my new favorite product—Shaklee Energy Chews! Then I use Shaklee Physique after races and workouts. With Physique I know I'll be ready to get right back at it the next day without being sore.

Little did I know people were taking notice of my routine! One by one my teammates would ask me, "Are you eating Starbursts before your race?" And I would tell them about my awesome Energy Chews. I had practically all of my girls' team on some kind of Shaklee Sports Nutrition product by the middle of the season!

During my four years in track and cross country I ran a total of about 4,000 miles, went through about 320 gallons of Performance and 64 gallons of Physique. I know the products work and they helped me reach my goals. I was blessed to compete at the state track meet in cross country three years in a row, and each year I lowered my time. And in my last race at state during my senior year I had my best time ever!

Thanks Shaklee!
Alexandria Hein, WI

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I take working out seriously.  It’s my job, my passion, my release.  Nothing feels better than leaving sweat on the gym floor!  I have had some of the best workouts of my life the past 4 weeks, and I have to give credit to the supplements I have been using!

I have never been one to use a lot of supplements, protein shakes, etc.  I’ve relied mostly on eating healthy and making the best nutritional choices possible.  That said, I’m always looking for ways to improve the quality of my workout and recover.  So, fellow fitness and nutrition expert, Amy Langeler, sang the praises of Shaklee Performance and Physique, I knew I had to try them. 

I drank the Shaklee Performance before leaving for the gym and could not believe the difference in my energy level.   My workouts were more intense, and I was able to perform more sets than before!   Previously, my legs felt wobbly as I walked down the stairs and out the gym door.  When using the Performance, I actually had a spring in my step.

When I got home I mixed the Shaklee Physique w/ 8 oz of water for my post workout meal.  The surprising benefit for me was just how long I stayed full…3 hours!  Usually, after a hard workout (especially lower body) I am hungry all day.  My muscles recovered more quickly with minimal soreness, and I was able to lift heavier weights every week.   I love getting stronger…it’s why I lift weights!

So, if you're a skeptic like me, and you want more out of your workouts, give Shaklee a won't regret it!

Marissa Grendahl, FitLife Personal Training


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