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What are Polyphenols?
They are the most abundant antioxidants in the diet. Their total dietary intake is much higher than that of all other classes of phytochemicals and known dietary antioxidants. For perspective, this is 10 times higher than the intake of vitamin C and 100 times higher that the intakes of vitamin E and carotenoids (1, 2). Click here to read the Clinical Journal.

What Ails You?
Below is an index of the many ailments that have been prevented or kept from reoccuring by taking Vivix. Click here to read these testimonies.

Age Spots   Exercise Intensity   Neuopathy
Arthritis   Eyes   Pain
Atrial Fibrillation   Fibromyalgia   Pain Meds
Attitude   Focus   Plantar Fasciculitis
Back   Fungus (Toenail)   Prostate
Balance   Hair Color   PSA
Bone (Pain)   Hair Thickness   Rotator Cuff
Cancer   Hamstring   Sarcoidosis
Canker Sores   Headaches   Sciatic
Carpal Tunnel   Healing   Shoulder Pain
Cataracts   Heart Problem   Sinus
Chest Pain   High Blood Pressure   Skin (red bumps)
Crohn’s   Hot Flashes   Skin (thin)
Colitis   Knuckles (Swollen)   Skin Injury
Colostomy   Libido   Skin Rashes

  Lichen Sclerosus (Vulva)   Skin (youthful)
Coumadin   Lungs   Sleep
Dementia   Lyme   Spur
Diabetes   Metabolism   Stiff/Old Looking
Discs (Bulging)   Obesity   Stroke
Diverticulitis   PAD (peripheral  artery)   Tremor
Energy   MS   Weight

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Everyone seems to have a resveratrol product nowadays. Why is Vivix better than those resveratrol products on the market?

The answer to that question is really three-fold. In the first place, the resveratrol in Shaklee's Vivix is a higher potency, higher purity preparation than many of the other resveratrol products on the market. Dr. David Sinclair's studies were a shock to many scientists in the resveratrol community. He showed convincingly that the amounts of resveratrol one needs to have a substantial beneficial effect were orders of magnitude greater than anyone expected. Clearly, one or two glasses of red wine per day won't do the trick. Similarly, many of the older resveratrol products on the market just aren't potent enough to be of any significant benefit.

For those resveratrol products that are potent enough, many aren't pure enough. There is a naturally occurring contaminant in impure resveratrol preparations that has a laxative effect. Unless the resveratrol preparation is 99% pure or better, many people will find that the side effects outweigh beneficial effects. But the most important reason is that resveratrol cannot do it all. It is just one of many naturally occurring polyphenols, which is why Shaklee added a polyphenol blend from muscadine grapes to their purified resveratrol. For example, Shaklee's polyphenol blend is high in ellagic acid, which is not found in significant amounts in red wine or most resveratrol preparations.

Ellagic acid inhibits an enzyme that is involved in the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGE proteins), one of the central four mechanisms of cellular aging. Resveratrol has no effect on this enzyme, but does block the other three key mechanisms of cellular aging. Similarly, animal studies suggest that ellagic acid shines in preventing gastrointestinal cancers while resveratrol and other components of the polyphenol blend that Shaklee uses prevent a variety of other tumors.

The bottom line is that by adding a polyphenol blend containing ellagic acid and other protective polyphenols from the muscadine grape to their ultra-pure, ultra-potent resveratrol, Shaklee has developed a product that is clearly superior to either resveratrol or a muscadine polyphenol blend alone. This is not a "one plus one" addition, but a synergistic combination of protective polyphenols that is far more protective than any one of them alone.

To your health,
Dr. Stephen Chaney


The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such. This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed. These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.

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