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Shaklee 180 Turnaround Guide


Shaklee 180
Lean & Healthy Guide


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Go from before-to-after with clinically tested weight loss products—and a program designed to burn fat, not muscle—for less than $3 per meal.

Turnaround Kit :: $269.95 autoship price :: $125 value

+ 59 healthy meals PLUS healthy snacks, energizing tea, and
+ Metabolic Boost

+ Customize your kit
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Embrace your After-After with this clinically tested program to help create a leaner, healthier you—for less than $3 per meal.

Lean & Healthy Kit :: $149.95 autoship price :: $89 value

+ 30 healthy meals PLUS 30 day supply of Vitalizer multi-
+ nutrient pack

+ Customize your kit
+ FREE membership that will save you 15% on all Shaklee
+ purchases ($19.95 value)
+ FREE personalized support and Shaklee 180 online tools
+ ($9.95/mo value)
+ FREE 180 Workouts exercise program ($19.95/mo value)




THE CHALLENGE: The Dreaded Diet Cycle

If you are like most people, you’ve struggled with your weight at one time or another. You’ve been on every fad diet. Initially you lose some weight, but then you gain it back and find yourself heavier than before. This is the dreaded cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Yes, in the short term you can lose the weight, but every time you do this you may be doing more damage than good because your body thinks it’s experiencing a “famine.” In response to that famine, your body goes into survival mode and conserves energy by slowing down your metabolism. Your body does its best to hold on to the fat you have for as long as it can. So, with many diets, the weight you initially lose is not from just fat, but muscle, too. And that loss of muscle slows down your metabolism even further because muscle burns calories.

Muscle = Metabolism

There are also common challenges—emotional and other physical ones that come along with dieting. Many diets are too restrictive or monotonous, or leave you feeling deprived and don’t teach you how to permanently change your eating and exercise habits. They leave you feeling hungry, tired, and craving the foods you miss most. You’ve about had it, so you return to your old eating habits and gain the weight back. And the sad part is, the weight you put back on is
fat weight.


THE SOLUTION: Shaklee 180

Shaklee 180 is different than other weight loss programs. It addresses one of the primary reasons why other diets fail. Shaklee 180 provides you a plan to lose weight the right way. Instead of helping you lose weight from fat and muscle, Shaklee 180 is Powered by Leucine™ to help preserve muscle while you lose weight from fat. Preserving muscle mass also prevents your metabolism from dropping.

Shaklee 180 with Leucine is scientifically formulated to help you lose weight, lose inches, and break the cycle of perpetual dieting. Shaklee 180 is designed for real life, so it also addresses the physical and emotional challenges that come along with your weight control efforts. With proprietary formulas, Shaklee 180 will help you control your hunger, boost your energy, and keep you feeling satisfied. Plus, you’ll get healthy personalized menus specific to your body’s needs and your individual preferences.

Shaklee 180 Benefits:

+ Helps you lose pounds and inches
+ Helps you lose weight and inches without feeling hungry
+ Clinically tested leucine formula to help preserve muscle
+ during weight loss

+ Promotes weight loss from fat
+ Provides protein to help control hunger and preserve
+ muscle
+ Offers personalized and flexible meal plan options
+ Provides the support and tools you need to be successful
+ Helps you achieve healthy lifestyle changes






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It is scientifically proven that if you take Vitalizer and drink 1 Smoothee daily and workout 3 days per week you will:

• increase your lean muscle mass by 22%

• decrease your systolic blood pressure by 5%

• increase your bone density by 1%

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