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In one sentence, Leucine preserves muscle while you lose weight. It is a branched-chain a-amino acid. It is an essential amino acid, which means that humans cannot synthesize it.

Cinch Weight Loss Plan with Leucine
For those interested in how to lose weight naturally, I decided to feature Shaklee Cinch weight-management products because they are a healthy alternative to yo-yo dieting, which has become such a part of many people's lives.

How many times do we see people who lose weight, only to eventually gain it all back (and usually a little more, too)? This typically happens because when people diet, they usually lose muscle mass, as well as fat. Then, after they go off their diet and return to eating more, they have less muscle mass to aid in the fat-burning process. The result is oftentimes the gaining of even more weight in the long run...

The Shaklee Cinch plan is not only a weight-loss plan, but also a weight-management system. It works effectively because it contains a protein called leucine, which will help you maintain all your muscle mass - which you will need to keep burning fat in the long run. Leucine is essential in the dieting and muscle-maintenance process. Products containing leucine are oftentimes used by body-builders (but you don't need to worry about bulking up by using Cinch unless you are into bodybuilding and lifting lots of heavy weights - it'll just prevent you from losing the muscle you already have).

And once you achieve your desired weight-loss, you will probably want to continue eating a Shaklee shake or bar each day because in addition to tasting great and being extremely healthy, they provide an easy way to stay on your Shaklee weight management plan and keep the weight off! They also work well as daily snacks because they contain a lot of essential nutrients.

In the Cinch Starter Kit, you will find everything you need to get started.
All products can be purchased individually, as well. These include: Cinch Shakes, Cinch Bars, Energy Tea (Made From Green Tea), 3-in-1 Boost. Cinch Accessories include a Pedometer, Shaker Cup, and Journal. Click Here to View All Shaklee Weight-Management Products.



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